Asphalt repair DIY

Asphalt is commonly used in high-traffic roads. The use of asphalt roads prevents entry homemade crack like concrete driveways. Unfortunately, over time the asphalt road potholes develop and need to patch the hole to prevent further damage to the road and prevent damage to cars. Fortunately, it’s easy to do with the materials and supplies to repair a pothole on road asphalt.


  • Clean the pothole. Use a broom to sweep clean any residue slump. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any small pieces of debris they were unable to sweep.
  • Pour a layer of half-inch of cold mix asphalt in the hole. Use a tamper metal to tread the asphalt to make it compact. Keep adding more cold mix asphalt, compaction manipulations after every layer of 1/2 inch, until the hole is filled and the bottom layer of asphalt down flush with the asphalt around the hole.
  • Let the patch dry for at least 24 hours before letting cars drive on the hole patched. If the patched area becomes depression compared with the asphalt around it, reapply another layer of cold mix asphalt.