Cost of construction

The amount includes all that relates to the construction of the illustrated home, namely materials, foundations, electricity and plumbing, doors and windows, cabinets, interior finishing and labor, a quality similar to that found in an entrepreneur’s model home.

Naturally, the costs for an artesian well, a wastewater treatment plant, earthwork and connection to the municipal power grid are not included in the cost of construction.

The price of our models is based on a square foot value including the additional elements found on the plan, such as a fireplace, an exterior brick cladding, an individual shower, and so on. However, any changes to the plan should be taken into consideration and may affect the cost.

It is important to note that this cost is only an approximate value and that there may be a difference of about 5% to 10% depending on the time of year and the area where the house is built. Also, taxes are not included.

If you act as a contractor by doing self construction, you could reduce the construction cost by 10 and up to 20% depending on whether you are doing the work yourself or have them done.