Asphalt repair is like dental work: the longer you go without doing something about the problem, the bigger it becomes. Sometimes the damage occurs because asphalt was put either too thin or without adequate support.

Often, the damage only occurs in a small area. A simple repair can extend the life of your asphalt. There are three types of repair work on asphalt filling: depression, repairing cracks and filling a pothole. Repair cracks and fill a pothole require preventive preparation, while filling a depression is just what it sounds like.

Saw or chisel a perimeter around the damaged area. Make sure that the asphalt is not cracked or broken is outside the perimeter. Cut or chisel out the perimeter by a good asphalt.

Remove loose pieces of asphalt with a pick and shovel. Separating and removing the asphalt well within the perimeter of the court with the selection. Clean any loose or soft dirt and all debris. Soft shoveling dirt is especially important for the depressions. Soft dirt is why you got a depression in the first place. You want a solid base for review.

Fill the cleaned area with asphalt. Rake it level. Although the level want the top of the patch 2 to 3 inches above the asphalt around – crowned. This will account for asphalt compaction when turning. Otherwise crowns asphalt unpacked, you will receive a bump after the traffic goes over your patch.

Turn the wheel of his vehicle in patches five or six times to compact it. If the asphalt is not installed and you no longer need a crown, add more asphalt and then repack the patch.