Experience in the construction of industrial facilities

The construction of facilities is in a consolidation phase, as more and more requests for projects for complete installations are increasingly being awarded globally, and both the customer and the competition markets are increasingly global.

Suppliers who offer on the one hand the entire value chain added all in one, and on the other hand have also the financial strength needed to carry out large projects are clearly at an advantage. The classic middle class is crowded and hired as a sub-company, and as long as it does not have a unique technology that will continuously ensure competitive advantage, it is losing ground. That is why medium-sized companies are looking for more and more strategic partners to deal with the large volume of orders and to complement the necessary knowledge.

From a large number of projects, we understand the demand for the whole chain of added value in the sector, from process engineering, manufacturing (construction of appliances, tanks, pipelines and metal structures) to continuous industrial maintenance as well as the general companies.