How do I know if he is a good lawyer?

When we go to a legal professional to advise us on a legal issue, we usually have the typical doubts about whether or not it will be a good lawyer, or if we have entrusted our case to someone “trustworthy.” The most normal in these cases is go to a lawyer of whom we have references of friends or acquaintances who have taken a topic, but what if we do not know any lawyer?

In this article we are going to give the necessary clues to be able to find a good lawyer for our case:

Do not look too much at your age

It usually happens in most cases that when we see a boy or a young girl behind the desk automatically distrust their experience and professional value. This is a difficult topic to eradicate in the field of lawyers, since we are accustomed to meeting with lawyers who are somewhat older and to whom we suppose more experience.

This is not necessarily the case since the age to start practicing as a lawyer does not have a limit so a lawyer of thirty years can have 7 years of experience and one of forty years may have no experience. Therefore, the most important thing is to look at the attitude of the professional, check whether he is a self-confident person and that he expresses himself with clarity are very reliable signs of his professionalism.

The external appearance does not indicate its professional value either

Sometimes we let ourselves be dazzled by a nice office and a very well dressed professional, even in a suit and tie, and we think he must be a very good lawyer. Well this is another of the great myths of the profession, although most lawyers usually wear well (because the image they must give is one of the first things they learn in college), not always a well-dressed lawyer will be a good lawyer. As in the previous case, it is better to look at your attitude and your character, than at the luxuries you have in your office.

Your office is well-ordered

This is a clear indication that he is a good lawyer, because one of the most important qualities in a lawyer is the organization. A lawyer works with many different cases and all of them are subject to deadlines, so the external organization of the lawyer is a good indicator that he has everything under control and therefore he is a good professional.

He told us he would call us in a few days and he has not called yet

This does not indicate either that he is a good lawyer or not. It is not unknown the delay in the Spanish Courts, and therefore we cannot measure whether our lawyer is good or not just with the mere fact that it takes a few weeks to call, this fact is not usually due to his own will, but causes external, so being “controlling” our lawyer will only make him feel uncomfortable and think that we do not trust him, only if the times are very long, for example he said he would call in fifteen days and a month has passed and He has called, or rejects our calls and never returns them, we can then think that he may not be a good lawyer.

Never trust the lawyers who “assure you the result”

When we go to a legal consultation with a good professional, this usually does not ensure what will be the result of the lawsuit. Although it is true that there are particularly clear cases, in most cases things are not white or black, so things will not always go as we want. We must bear in mind that the judge never witnesses the facts so he will be guided by the evidence presented to him, and sometimes, even if we are right, the judge may deny it simply because we do not have proof that things are as we tell them.

Beware of lawyers who refuse to give you a budget of costs

While it is true that in a field such as the Law sometimes may arise unforeseen circumstances that make the procedure more expensive, as a general rule lawyers usually have a few books of fees in which the approximate costs of each procedure are established, and therefore, although not A closed price can be established from the beginning, if you can give a rough estimate of the services that will be provided.

However, these tips are indicative and there are many other signs that can indicate that a lawyer is a good professional or not, but the most important thing is that we are comfortable with the chosen professional and that we trust him. In any case, we must remember that we can always change lawyers if we have a problem with which we have hired.