How to build steps stone pavers

Pavement facilities will need support strong and durable pavers for outdoors, such as decks, walkways and retaining walls. These pavers can also withstand wear outdoor stairs in your home, garden or patio. They come in a variety of designs and styles and once you select your stones, should provide adequate support and the Foundation for the construction project, or pavers could collapse under its weight.


  • Dig 8 inches deep in the area where the first step is installed; the width of the compaction area varies depending on the desired size of the step. Compacting the subsurface plate compactor or manipulations to create a completely flat surface support your hand.
  • Place a layer of landscape fabric to cover the excavated area. This will help drain rainwater under the step. Cover the cloth with a layer of ¾ inch crushed stone aggregate and compact the layer as well. Now you have a flat, stable surface on which you can install your step.
  • Mix two parts sand moistened with one part Portland cement to create a thick paste. Add a layer of ¼ of the dough over the raw material to create a flat surface for installing your pavers.
  • Establish your first course of pavers directly on the sand/cement level check after every stone put to ensure that the cobblestones flat against the floor and others.
  • Cut 1 inch paver first to the second level of pavers to ensure staggered joints between the stones, which provide better structural support for your steps. Depending on the stone, you need to use a chisel and mallet or a piece of diamond wet Sierra to cut them. Continue to build up and stagger joints up to the proper height for passage.
  • Spread a layer of sand on top of the pass and sweep paver joints between pavers to provide better structural support. To place the sand, compacting or tamping the surface of the step when done.