How to have car insurance after a DUI

It is vital to keep car insurance after a DUI conviction – even if the auto insurance coverage jumps up in price. That sure can fail in your driver’s license has been suspended in some states? Fortunately, many companies are willing to provide car insurance after a DUI if your original supplier cancel or choose not to renew your policy. Also, if rates rise too high after his DUI conviction, another insurance company can simply offer a lower rate.


  1. Check your driving record to see if the DUI is still displayed. Many lucky drivers find that the bureaucracy with modifying driving records proves to be too much for your overworked state DMV to handle – and the DUI never makes it into the public record. Before reporting a potential auto insurance you had a past DUI, make sure you actually do. Otherwise, they do not mention it.
  2. State regulations vary for a copy of your driving record. Check the Web Primary Department of Motor Vehicles their status figure out what to do to request a copy of your records.
  3. Examine your driving record out of the DUI. Most auto insurers consider the last three years of history leads when offering a price quote. If your driving record is perfect apart from DUI, you can expect to pay lower rates.
  4. Comparison shop. The easiest way is to use the Internet to collect a series of anonymous quotes prices. This saves you from having to discuss your DUI insurance agent face to face. Note, however, that after a DUI, you can expect your car insurance more expensive, and price quotations are not guaranteed to be accurate. They are only estimates.
  5. View forums, message boards and online support groups for those who have been previously convicted of DUI. These people have already done the hard work for you and can probably lead to the auto insurance provider cheaper.
  6. Talk to a DUI attorney working with you have DUI expunged from your driving record. How long a DUI appear varies by state, but in some cases can stay on your driving record and damage your insurance rates indefinitely. A DUI lawyer can work to find the smallest flaw in your case DUI can have your driving record.

Although a DUI lawyer is expensive, remember to hire legal help can pay for itself in how much you stand to save on auto insurance in the years after removing the DUI.